A New Day

3 Nov

Today I started weight watchers.  I’ve done weight watchers years ago several times but the last time I did it was maybe 4 years ago.  I have let go of some “negatives” over the last few days.  I am so frustrated because I cannot fit a lot of my clothes and I refuse to buy new pieces.  I’ve been eating for no reason.  I guess you can call it emotional eating.


Loving It

8 Sep

Today was a good productive day for me.  I didn’t walk in the morning because I went to bed too late the night before so I walked this evening.  I did my regular 2.5 miles (about 5,400 steps) I will step it up and add a lap or two next week.  While I was walking, I was doing a lot of smiling! I really feel good guys!

PS They bake fresh cookies at my job Mon-Wed and today was chocolate chip…they smeeled sooooooooo good but I did not eat one.  Yeah me!!

Weigh IN

7 Sep

So today is weigh in day and I weighed in at 249.0! So I lost! Yeah.  This morning was a great workout.  I walked my usual 2.5 miles which is a little over 5,000 steps.  I did 50 squats and 25 wall push ups.  Now I am off to work! Have  a great day everyone.

Labor Day

6 Sep

I had a great restful weekend! I am ready to get my workout on this week.

House Day

4 Sep

Today was a “house” day.  I stayed in and cleaned and worked on a couple of projects.  I ate very well today.  I usually snack all day when I lounge but I didn’t this time.  I walked yesterday after work and I felt the burn.  I am about to go walk in about 45 minutes.  I started doing strengthening exercises; squats and wall push ups.

I feel good!

2 Sep

This morning I walked my regular walk…2.5 miles.  It took me about 42 minutes.  I walked 5,429 steps.  I made this great amazing chili! I posted the recipe on my Facebook page.

253.6 pounds August 31, 2010

31 Aug

253.6 pounds