Today was a good day!

31 Aug

I woke up this morning to walk and when I was in my first lap, this lady came up to me and asked me “are you a Delta?” I said, “yes.” She was behind me the entire way to the park.  She lives next door to me and she is a memeber of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  Now, Ms. Marge is over 60 years of age but man, she was getting her walk on!! She has an entire crew!!  Every second she is saying good morning to someone.  I met 4 of her walking buddies.  Although I wanted to put my earbuds in to listen to my music, I decided to engage in the conversation.  Ms. Marge completed 6 marathons!! Yes, I said 6.  Walking with Ms. Marge and her crew today was a treat indeed.  I completed 7 laps and had to leave.

Lunch~Salad with romaine, spinach, chicken breast, blue cheese crumbs and balsamic vinaigrette.

Dinner~Chicken again, mixed veggies, tomato slices, avocado.

I took my regular vitamins and had 8 glasses of water.

Today was a good day!


~A Fresh Start~

30 Aug

Today I decided to blog about my weight loss journey. I am eating ALOT and don’t know why. All of my clothes are either too tight or to little and I refuse to buy clothes. I hope that I will get the motivation that I as I embark on this journey. I know that I can do it…